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If you’re here, you’ve taken
the first step on your dream journey.

Take a bow!

You’ve already done
more than most people ever do.

Congratulations!  You’re  ready to make a commitment to yourself.  I’m Mike Shanahan, and for almost 30 years I’ve helped individuals and groups successfully reach their dreams.


Mike Shanahan

Isn’t it about time you reached your dreams?

Do you want to ...

Improve relationships and deepen personal intimacy?

Spark your creative self?

Build a new view
of your family?

Jump start a
stalled career?

Manage your
personal finances?

Harmonize your perceived self
with reality?

Remove barriers
to your success?

Start that business you’ve always dreamed of?

Take your business
to the next level?

What Else?

What I Can Do For You! 

I help you build focus, motivation, and structure to
create the shortest path between you and your dreams.

 When you’re ready to make change in your life, you’re ready for a coach. 

Manifestation Coaching starts with the knowledge that you have the power to create change in your life by consciously causing change in the world.  Harness your dreams and desire and put them to work in the real world with Manifestation Coaching and manifestation coach Mike Shanahan

You and I will focus on
you achieving real results in your life

Using my expertise and experience as an attorney, award-winning stage director, actor, consultant, Fortune 100 human resources executive, trainer, and writer, I assist my clients to manifest their unique vision and begin the most important journey of their lives.

I’m available by email, by telephone, and in Southern California for personal coaching. See the Get Started Now page for standard packages, but a coaching regimen can be tailored to meet your individual needs (fees vary by services). 

Keep your momentum going and
focus in on your dream. 

I can help you through personal, business, and career transition, redirection, and enrichment.

btreWhether you want lots of help or just occasionally, I’ve got a plan for you.  Think you can’t afford a personal coach?  Be sure to look at my Get Started Now page.  You may be surprised.

Perhaps you believe you’re too busy to take time for a coach or too far away.  E-mail coaching works no matter where you are, and at any time that’s convenient for you.

By telephone, web cam, face to face, even by letter -- a coaching regimen can be structured to meet almost any budget or circumstance.

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Check out my newly added bookstore.  Challenge your current way of thinking, open up your mind to new possibilities.  New material added all the time.

Everybody needs a little bright spot during the day.  Visit the gift shop where you’ll find cool things from mugs to mouse pads with messages to remind you of your power.

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